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Oliver Dominick (… and phippsie)

A lifelong passion for Nature

During my childhood summers in the remote wilderness of New Brunswick, leathered French-Canadian trapper/guides, “men with the bark on”, taught me the ways of the woods with just a canoe, a map and compass, a knife, some butter, and a fly rod as our means. My love of nature (and fly fishing) started then and has shaped my life ever since.

A lifetime of outdoor adventure

In college I became a research biologist and somehow made a career in behavioral physiology in between my constant excursions for mountaineering and fly fishing in canoes and kayaks. My love of research, teaching, and outdoor adventure has let me live, work and explore in many wild parts of the world, including six times in Africa. For the past twenty-one years in Phippsburg, Maine I’ve loved helping people like you learn and enjoy the natural world that has been my life. Join me and see where you can go.
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