Camp Nowhere

step into a place where
life still has the bark on

On the Trail to Camp Nowhere

From Abkenoc Guiding in mid-Coast Maine: Winnie and Oliver ride over to Camp Nowhere in the Ab-ken-oc CampMobile

Timber-frame warmth

For warmth and ambiance its one room has a stone fireplace and wood-stove. Light is from gas wall lamps and camp lanterns. We can recount the day’s explorations & lessons, and engage readings from the likes of Jack London, Lewis & Clark, and the native legends of the Abenaki, Kwagiulth.

Life with the Bark On

If Thoreau had Camp Nowhere at Walden Pond, he would never have left. There’s a dining area, study, living room, and “kitchen” plus bunk beds and loft, all in a single room. Return to a place in life that our ancestor’s knew when they were closer to our roots. “Life with the bark on”.

A Skookum Spirit

Camp Nowhere’s spirit is strong, clear, unusually grounded and fulfilling, : “skookum” as the Pacific NW coastal natives say. It fosters focus and perspective that enhance our educational seminars, board meetings, and connection with guests and family.

Inspired Learning

Learning comes naturally in this hand-built, timber-frame cabin nestled in pine-oak forest and overlooking a pristine tidewater and wildlife-rich marsh. Artifacts of natural history and indigenous peoples beckon from the hemlock beams and wood walls with the promise of intriguing adventure and surprising discovery.

Just Plain Real

You can add time at camp as part of your kayak, canoe or fishing adventure. See the “Add Camp” info (next box) and let’s talk about how. And Camp Nowhere is a really great way to to squeeze the best out of an impossible day as an alternative to cancelling for weather (at no extra charge).

Add Camp to Your Trip


Includes guided hiking etc at camp plus lunch or supper

2 hrs at Camp Nowhere added to your
half or full day kayak/canoe/fishing:
add $100

3 hrs at Camp Nowhere added to your
1/2 day or full day kayak/canoe trip:
add $175