Adventures on the Kennebec Estuary, Casco Bay,
Phippsburg, Georgetown, Westport Island & Harpswell

This Natural Wonderland Will Astonish You

An extraordinary variety of places invites us around Phippsburg and Casco Bay. Rugged wave-swept cliffs, velvety marshes, quiet creeks, extensive bays. Let’s develop a paddling adventure just for your group. For shorter trips on a budget, join one of our pre-planned 3 hour group tours.

Video overview of kayaking with us

Have a look at the wonderfully varied environments for kayaking in the Phippsburg area of mid-coast Maine


To help everyone get out kayaking and enjoying themselves, each other and the natural world SAFELY during this hard time, the prices shown below are a 15% discount.

We combine Social Distancing, Masks and Hygiene for safety .

For the time being we will not provide snacks or lunch, so please bring your own.

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Custom Half Day & Full Day Kayak Trips

These custom trips expand on the shorter mini-trips for mixed groups, but focus on the interests of YOUR OWN PRIVATE GROUP. Your trip includes all paddling gear (kayak, paddle, pfd) and instruction as desired. Our options include the estuary and its bigbays, marshes & creeks, and open coast 

Kennebec Estuary Kayaking

Kennebec Estuary Options

offer diverse ecology, paddling conditions and sense of space with its plentiful islands and bays. There’s also plenty of wildlife and history (like Phippsburg’s forts & lighthouses).

Marshes and Creeks Kayak Tours

Marshes and Creeks Choices

feel intimate and gentle. They are biologically rich and more protected from weather. Usually the paddling is easy and very tidal.

Open Coast Kayak Tours

Open Coast Variations

challenge you with dramatic scenery and sometimes more demanding paddling conditions. Vast ocean views studded with islands will stir the soul.

Kayak Trip Pricing

Half Day and Full Day Trips

Custom Half Day (4-5 hrs) Trips $225 for 1-4 people*

  • *Additional people are $50 each, up to a maximum group of six.
  • Add fishing for $50
  • (License not required for Saltwater Fishing)

Custom Full Day Kayak Trips (about 8+ hrs) $375 for 1-4 people*

  • *Additional people are $85 each, up to a maximum group of six.
  • Add fishing for $75
  • (License not required for Saltwater Fishing)

Descend the Kennebec (about 8+ hrs) $400 for 1-4 people*

  • * maximum group is 4 because we need to shuttle back to our start.
  • Add fishing for $75
  • (License not required for Saltwater Fishing)
    • A special full-day epic
    • We start with the destroyer shipyard in Bath, passing numerous lighthouse/life-saving stations. There are lots of islands for us to stop on and wildlife to see. We finish at imposing granite Fort Popham from the Civil War, where the Kennebec meets the ocean.

Winter Kayaking – Yes, We Can!

With appropriate weather conditions we can take you for ice and snow adventures kayaking and hiking.  CALL or email!

Kayak Camping Trips- up to $875+food** for up to 4 people*

*Additional people are $225 each + food up to a maximum group of six. Your trip includes all meals, paddling and camp gear (kayak, paddle, pfd, tent) . ** see my Notes on Food below –

Classic Comfort Kayaking

Classic Comfort

Our kayaking camps can be basic or more comfortable, depending on your preference and budget. This photo shows a more deluxe” island camp with gas grill, tables, stools, lanterns, enabled by powerboat support. Let’s talk about your vision.

Powerboat Supported Kayak Trips

Powerboat Support

We can supply higher-end camping with our 18 ft powerboat, “EndorFIN” to allow more comfort and convenience than we can carry ourselves while kayaking (like lanterns, chairs/stools, etc & food coolers). We can even get you to more remote islands where your kayaks are waiting. Call for details and pricing to accommodate your vision.

The Culture of Camp

The Culture of Camp

There’s nothing like a fire under the stars, the sounds and smells of the tide and waves to remind you of your connections and the value of kayaking to a camp.

camp food

**Notes on Food

Cooking in camp is a traditional and enjoyable part of guiding … plus we gotta eat! But the menu that you hope for can vary from survival to spectacular. It’s your choice and depends on our goals for the trip. Your choices will influence pricing.  “Classic” camp food tends to be basic- it’s tasty as can be, but its also lightweight and compact, less perishable, less costly, and is less challenging to find. But there’s a lot to be said for the more gourmet or health focused menus, which have the opposite characteristics of “classic”, including cost and associated work. Therefore you and I will talk about the food you want, and figure costs accordingly. Estimate $15-25 each person/day for “classic” meals but up to $50 for higher end fare. An option is for you to shop and bring the food, which gives you complete control over selection and price.