Weather: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices”

Weather is something over which we have no control but it can influence any trip for better or worse. It can be cold, hot, wet, windy, thundery, or foggy. All in one trip! Judgment, skill and equipment are crucial for our safety, comfort, and enjoyment, so we will plan and equip carefully. And then we adapt to the actual day so that changing conditions are fun rather than frightening or dangerous. As conditions develop we will be flexible to keep things fun and safe. Weather cancellations are rare, but if necessary we are usually able to re-schedule.

Tides (and Currents) “wait for no man”

Tides can turn a watery cove into a dry mudflat, or a placid bay into a powerful current. Our ability to use tidal currents to our advantage (instead of fighting them!) will influence our choice of time and route; it is a vital part of planning. We also choose carefully to ensure there is enough of water when/where we depart AND RETURN. You’ll enjoy learning more about these factors as we discuss your trip. And during the adventure you’ll experience them first hand as we monitor our progress.

Safety …. is no accident

Everyone’s safety is our top priority on any trip. Safety include knowledge of your health/medical status (there’s a downloadable questionnaire below which must be returned to me). Safety also means having appropriate clothing and equipment (downloadable checklists are also below). In addition there are risks that we must address specifically for the activities we do, so that both the group and guide function together to totally manage risks like injury or capsizing or fog or storms. We start each trip with a safety briefing and review.

Food for Snacks and Lunch

We provide snacks, lunches and camp meals that are tasty, nutritious, durable and readily available. We are aware these days that many people have unique dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, etc), as well as serious allergies, or just plain preferences.

Below is a downloadable list of the food items that we typically provide for snacks and lunches. We invite you to make your selections from it. IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL PREFERENCES AND NEEDS PLEASE PROVIDE FOR THEM YOURSELF. The risks of disappointment or medical issues, as well as the cost of accommodating some of the more “specific” dietary needs for certain clients are beyond our guiding job description. Thanks!

Charts and Maps of Where WE Go