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CNN Hero: LyndaAda Doughty & Marine Mammals of Maine (MMOME)

CNN produced this video about LyndaAda and MMOME with on-the-water guiding and drone footage by us at Abkenoc Guiding. LyndaAda is a CNN Hero for 2020. The founder of MMOME, she is dedicated to response, rescue, and care of seals in distress as well as education about marine mammals. Two related videos are below.

Two seal release and cnn Heroes film crew

CNN covered the release of two rehabilitated seals on Oct. 4, 2019 for their program CNN Heroes on LyndaAda Doughty. The drone photography and video production were by Abkenoc Guiding’s Oliver Dominick.

Taking CNN HEROES crew & lYnda doughty to film seaLS

CNN sent a film crew to interview MMOME’s LyndaAda Doughty for the CNN Heroes program. Abkenoc Guiding took them for a day on the water filming seals and listening to LyndaAda describe the lives of seals and the rehabilitation work at MMOME.

Kayaking the Mid-Coast marshes, beaches & islands

Here’s a look at some of the of great kayaking opportunities that you can experience with us. Rocky shoreline cliffs, and expansive beaches, a historic stone fort and steamship piers, lush marshes and creeks, islands of all shapes and sizes.

Flyfishing for stripers on the flats

World class heart-pounding sight fishing for thick shouldered stripers in skinny water between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 feet deep

Kayaking the Kennebec’s Tidal Marshes

Kayaking the marshes and open water of the tidal bays of the Kennebec estuary during a brilliant autumn day with a group of students.

Rowing the OPEN-WATER Adirondack guide boaT

The 15 ft Adirondack Guide boat is based on the classic canoe style hull rowed by guides in the 1800’s. It’s terrific for open water sculling with its sliding seat, outriggers and carbon fiber oars. Very stable, it’s excellent for beginners, but rowing experts will love it too for its relaxed versatility, grace and sheer fun.

Rowing an open-water single on the kennebec estuary

The 21 ft Wintech Explorer is an wonderfully capable open-water racing single. Its self-bailing cockpit allows it even to handle waves breaking across your back and flooding the cockpit. Under more sane conditions it’s just pure delight to row, for everyone from intermediates to champions. For beginners and adaptive rowers there are outriggers, too.

spin fishing for stripers in mid-coast maine

Have a try at striper fishing in tight to the rocky ledges and surging water where the stripers love to hang out, slamming bait fish that are overpowered by the wave action.

On the trail to camp nowhere

Traveling the trail to our timber-frame Camp Nowhere is a favorite activity as Oliver and “Winnie the Dog” show with the Abkenoc CampMobile.

ice kayaking on the kennebec

In the coldest months ice floes on the lower Kennebec create a maze of leads (channels) which open and close unpredictably. It’s a dramatic puzzle that offers surreal beauty and adventure for the advanced kayaker.

Seal release Oct 2020

Watch a young seal rediscover its natural world when released to the ocean after 3 months of rehabilitation in the care of MMoME (Marine Mammals of Maine).